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Feb 11, 1997 08:41 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: Benjamin Mark Pybus <>
> You may hear it, I could not possibly comment. With respect to your other
> comment I am only sad that I had not the opportunity to be born into a
> theosophical family. It is my belief that those who are highly spiritually
> evolved souls [not referring to myself ofcourse] need to be in an environment
> where the highest aspirations are in place for the soul to reach its full
> potential.Do you not agree that one should, if one is given the opportunity,
> sacrifice one's own spiritual development for the birth of a more evolved
> soul who can perhaps spread more light into the world than oneself?
In my experience, one is in the environment that is suited to the work
of that incarnation.  It may be theosophical environment or one that is
far from that.  The memories and inclinations will lead us back to why
came here for, even if we have to climb high barriers.  I have seen
some who were born into theosophical families and never take it up.
Then, for myself, my grandparents and mother got off the boat at
Ellis Island in the 20's and were devout Catholics.  I found Theosophy
in the public library and have great respect for immigrants.

If one were to feel the inclination to give birth to a highly evolved soul (and
I'd look at their chart on this one), then perhaps it is the dharma
programmed into their personality.  They will have the necessary
equipment to fulfill the job and perhaps, even some past-life
connection with the incoming entity.  Sacrifice?  With love,
there is no sacrifice, in term of giving something up.  There is only
giving, in joy.


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