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Feb 10, 1997 01:07 PM
by Thoa Tran


>>What about those women just having the characteristics of strong women.

>Aren't the characteristics of strong men and strong women exactly the same
>in the last analysis, since we are all converging to same point, the human

Thus, what is wrong with calling a strong woman a strong woman?  Besides the
fact that you give the woman the credit that she is a woman, you save a few
words.  Note:  A strong woman vs. A strong woman strong as a man.

>I agree that there may have been too much logic, structure, and
>leadership.However, are you saying we should through pure creative
>expression build structures that are chaotic (illogical), emotionally led
>and are perfectly decentralised?

Wipe your ass-king me for?  No, no, no, no, no!  I said balance.  There may
be some situations in which the other extreme of the pendulum may be needed,
but I don't think this is the case.  Do you doubt that those "opposing"
qualities need each other, and that to deny the other side would be denying
a strength?  These qualities not only support each other but act as checks
and balances for the other side.  You have to learn to swim in the
emotional, creative and unstructured water, or else you'll drown.

>...but in the US it will cause chaotic behaviour...

We love our saloon brawls and our wild sex!  You can really get creative
with a bungee cord.

>We should build up our intellectual faculties to develop rational solutions.

Did I say we should be dumb as door knobs?  Have you ever heard of
deliberate illogic?

>The current of respect,rightly or wrongly, is alternating in nature not
>simply because of men's emotional patterns but is I believe a natural
>process of the divine law of periodicity being expressed in the human
>kingdom which women can learn more about themselves from.

Exsqueeze me?  Baking powder?  Eh?  What is the divine law expressed in the
human kingdom?

>What is the "normal effective resistance of life" by the way?

Effective resistance in combination with capacitive reactance is impedance...
"of life"-I was being allegorical.  For example, your car breaking down on a
rainy morning or you received an e-mail response from me.

>Vanity is related to selfishness. Vanity is also related to intent.Intent is
>related to creative expression. Creative expression is the essence of either
>involution or evolution. If the intention of the individual is to produce a
>child regardless of the evolutionary goal then it is selfishness. If that
>selfishness is due to moral behaviour which is perceived by the individual
>as right but by the whole as unhelpful and preventing the evolutionary path
>I call that vanity.

Do I hear something similar to the Nazi belief of development of the Aryan
race?  What are we going to do, mate the best theosophical male with the
best theosophical female?  My Goddess, we don't want to lose the chance for
a spiritual child!


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