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IQ Test

Feb 10, 1997 01:07 PM
by Thoa Tran

The Triaist Cabbage (or Carrot? or Woman?):
>Oh ALAN!!!  I am THO ekthited!!!  If you're coming out of the clothet, I gueth
> I will too.
>Thith ..ahem... this message was not intended to be a derogatory remark
>regarding any sexual orientation, however, due to the fact that it can not
>possibly be interpreted in any other way, it is.
>Please accept my apologies.
>I mean that ...I just couldn't help myself.  I still can't.  Oh well.  I guess
>I'm an a**hole.
>The Triaist

John or Joan,
I hope you won't be too annoyed with this.  I, too, can't help myself
sometimes.  The pranksterish devil in me just has to come out now and then
(to the detriment of people who know me, particularly on April's Fools).  I
am just giving a nice forewarning only because there's a chance you might be
a woman.  So here goes...

Why say a**hole?  Why not say a-s-s-hole?  Fuck, I've heard all sorts of
offensive things all my life.  When I was a child in the U.S., I received
all kinds of racial slurs and threats of violence from Caucasians and
African-Americans.  Thank goodness that I was just learning English then.
When I became a woman I received leering looks, suggestive comments, and
outright verbal attacks.  As I was walking in the Boston subway terminal
(where I got my schooling), a gang of young men spoke amongst themselves how
they would like to fuck the Chinese chick.  One of them yelled out at me in
front of a crowd of people, "HEY YOU, I WANNA FUCK YOU, HEY..."  He followed
me part of the way as I quickly walked away.  That was a scary incident,
minor compared to what other women have gone through.  Other minor
incidences are men who think that they can touch my knee or hair just
because I smiled back when they smiled at me.  I used to easily give away
smiles, but I learned to be careful about returning smiles.  I learned to
walk around gatherings of men, and I learned to not let my guard down when
in public.

Shit, we see jokes degrading women, homosexuals, and various races - taken
lightly, so what's a little asshole?  Hell, I'd be more than happy to create
ASCII cows using offensive words for our amusement!



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