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Re: Beneath Bing

Feb 09, 1997 02:14 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Ken Malkin wrote:
> Please forward the address of your member Ed Abdill. I will make the
> same request to him that I have made to J. Algeo (still unanswered) for
> a copy of the "Minutes" you claim to have seen.

	All he has access to, currently, is the New York minutes. And we cannot
legally give those out except to a member. However, you may send a
message to him via

> Why do you entreat the meaning of "menial labor" and ignore the true
> question in the post? For your information, menial labor is that which
> is afield of a manís qualifications and previous achievements. Your
> source at Wheaton may make your privy to the written proof of their
> actual severance package to Bing.

	And, if someone thinks that they are qualified to be President of
General Motors, making them Executive Vice President is considered to be
"menial labor". As has been posted by others, Bing was offered positions
which most of us would not call "menial labor".

> I fail to understand though your hiding behind a thinly crafted legal
> veil. If the minutes are available as you state, what is your legal
> problem with just quoting them? My gosh, am I to be considered an
> outsider when I request something of a fellow traveler on the same path?

	For me to physically copy the minutes would require I go through a LOT
of trouble. Since I have not seen one iota of documentation supporting
the accusations, why should I spend hours refuting them? It would be far
easier for me to just start throwing baseless accusations at you and
require that you come up with the documentation to refute them.

> Bart, there is no record of any national board meetings in the archives
> of the Miami lodge. I was a member of the Board of the Miami lodge,
> serving in many capacities, for twelve years, from 1984 to 1996. Wheaton
> has never sent its minutes.

	Never happened in New York, either. But if the New York Lodge receives
an official letter, it goes into our minutes.

	Bart Lidofsky


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