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Re: the future of the TS

Feb 09, 1997 03:35 AM
by Martin Euser

>C Kent
<> writes
>So what I want to know is this.  Are there any similar groups or movements
>within the TS worldwide attempting to do anything similar?  What has been
>done before along these lines, who can I hook up with to keep my morale up
>while I attempt this monumental feat? Are there others who would like to
>build on what we have started, or can we borrow from others?  Are their
>members of the hierarchy anywhere in the world who want to see change?
>they willing to work with local individuals and groups to help achieve it?

Hi Christine,

You certainly raise a lot of questions!
>From my experience a small group of dedicated workers can accomplish
the same or more than a large group consisting mostly of people that are
content with the way things are. So..., consider to do the things *you*
consider necessary, rather than let your energy be drained by the old
You may consider to leave the lodge you're part of and make a new start.

There are plenty of alternative ways one could work for the spiritual
of your fellow human beings. Method, approach, etc. vary according to
individual temperament, character, qualities, etc.

Einar seems to have an interesting approach, and there are others
who have developed their own one. My own approach has been, besides
working in a small dedicated group, to focus on the internet and make
theosophical teachings and related ones available on-line.
See URL in my signature.

Also, theosophy is not the only approach by which people can learn
about esoteric philosophy. There are many other organisations
operating in this field, although the material they offer is not always
of high quality.
High quality material is now available through the internet.
For example, look at Vitvan's teachings which are really refreshing
to those who are tired of too much metaphysics. Alvin Boyd Kuhn offers
another interesting approach in his studies of the symbolism of religions.
I would encourage comparitive study of some of these writers!
One could easily include some of these materials in a curriculum
which is unfortunately seldomly done! (second object of TS! )

For one reason or another theosophical societies have the tendency
to think that they possess the sole truth, which is absurd!
Through increasing communication people are becoming aware
of the diversity and wealth of material available on esoteric topics.
You could develop a multi-faceted approach to the wisdom-tradition
if you would like to.

Do you know any individuals whom you could work with together?

Well, these are just some ideas. Hope it will be of any use to you.
One last advice: just DO the things *you* think are necessary and
don't pay any attention to those who stick to old patterns- that's
a wate of time and energy!


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