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An interesting excerpt

Feb 09, 1997 02:42 AM
by ramadoss

Here is an interesting excerpt from listening-l.

> In the meantime, we play within this magnificent garden
> of joy and sorrow.
> And who are we?
> Are we elaborate figments of unitary imagination,
> awaiting rapturous annihilation in a grand cosmic awakening?
> Are we momentary bubbles of perception,
> evanescing from the pristine slime of existence?
> Are we a huddling herd of singularities,
> overlapping infinitely distant event horizons?
> Are we a blaze of flickering images,
> cast by myriad facets of a crystal mirror of Self-reflection?
> Are we hunters and gatherers and farmers and writers and
> builders and bankers and philosophers?
> Are we seekers and thieves, truth and untruth, love and hate,
> lost and found, and then all over again?
> Are we forever going and returning, rising and falling,
> inhaling and exhaling?
> Do we know ourselves?
> Are there selves for us to know?
> Is Self there?
> Who?

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