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Re: War

Feb 08, 1997 12:07 PM
by Titus Roth (CDGertrude) wrote:

> Pacifism does NOT encourage war.  War is never justifiable.
> Gertrude--the strongly pacifistic- Churchmouse

Beware of "nevers". Life is seldom so simple that we are presented with one
choice that is wholly good and another choice that is wholly evil.  Earlier
bad karma can place us in positions where we have to choose the lesser of two

War is a case of karma coming for payment. What is the best way to deal with
karma like that? When a nation's people have collectively dug themselves into
a hole, it is not always an easy choice as to how to get out.

Apart from the case, already alluded to, of Hitler marching over country after
country, there are many others. Abraham Lincoln had to face difficult choices.
He had to choose between the probable dissolution of the country - or war.

Imagine what you would do with a man threatening the lives of you and your
children. Fortunately, your karma has placed you there. But what if?


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