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Re: Senzar Key

Feb 08, 1997 07:27 AM
by John Straughn

Mark Kusek writes:
>Once a Carrot wrote:
>>I've noticed that several religions, have "guardian angels" written into
>>their systems.  Are they supported by Theosophy?  (Generally, not with
>>respect to specific authors)  I thought perhaps theses conceptions were
>>derived from the monadic theory, but the more I learn about monads, the
>>more they seem to be involved with Forces, not individuals.
>Here's a key:
>     .            That about which naught can be said
>     X
>X X X X X X      Impersonal Personality  -|
> X X   X X                                |
>  X     X                                 |-- (Here's where you might
> X X   X X                                |
>X X X X X X      Personal Impersonality  -|
>     X

I'm not sure I understand.  Could you explain without saying it again?  Maybe
a few more pictures would help...

Carrots are slow at this.

The Triaist


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