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Re: War

Feb 07, 1997 08:26 PM
by CDGertrude

> MKR quoted:
> >> Krishnamurti:
> >>
> >> It is the fault of every one of us that this present horror is going on.  It
> >> is the outward result of our everyday inner life of greed, ill will, and
> >> lust, of competition, acquisitiveness, and specialized religion.  It is the
> >> fault of everyone who, indulging in these, has created this terrible
> >> calamity. because we are nationalistic, singularistic, passionate, each one
> >> of us is contributing to this mass murder.
> And Tom replied:
> > I find it to be preposterous that those who wanted peace, but who were
> > forced into a choice between war and being annihilated, were
> > considered to be responsible for war.  It is a travesty of justice to
> > consider those who do not start wars to be as responsible as those who
> > do.  Peace will not come about by those who "love peace" not starting
> > wars.  They already don't, and we still have wars.  It will come about
> > by those who "love peace" deterring wars.  Pacifism encourages war.
> Age old debates. Krishna and Arjuna again.
> Certainly with the case of WW II, going to war seemed to be the only way to
> bring about peace. I would not criticize those who fought for my freedoms. On
> the contrary, I'm very grateful for them and find their contributions sadly
> necessary. But I don't think I would view it as MY calling to serve the cause
> of peace in combat. I might have gone onto the battlefield to serve in, say, a
> medical capacity. In that way I would be taking the same risks as others and
> also giving assistance in a non-violent way.
> War, it seems to me, is justifiable if the archetype of a nation is at
> stake. In fighting in such a war, one's inner state should be without hate.
> Jeanne d'Arc, who I regard as a saint, followed the dictates of her voices to
> preserve the archetype of France by means of war. She also grieved terribly
> over the English soldiers that were killed and took no joy at their
> losing their lives.

Pacifism does NOT encourage war.  War is never justifiable.
Gertrude--the strongly pacifistic- Churchmouse


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