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Re: Compensation worldwide

Feb 07, 1997 07:54 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 02:22 AM 2/7/97 -0500, JRC wrote:

>staff members ... it is the leadership that is taking heat. And some of

        Again we are seeing the power of Internet. The leadership which had
sole control of the AT Magazine, the sole means of communicating with
members, over 100 years have used it only to let members know of information
that makes them good.

        But for Internet, and John E Mead's foresight in setting up
theos-xxx, no one outside Montana lodge would have known what is going on in
the matter.

        Do you know it was with great difficulty I found theos-l?

        Let light shine brighly and chips fall where they may.

        Truth will always triumph.



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