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Re: Compensation worldwide

Feb 07, 1997 07:47 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 02:22 AM 2/7/97 -0500, JRC wrote:
>going to pay for the mailing ourselves. To this end,
>Terry Wallace wrote a letter to Wheaton, as the Montana Federation
>President, requesting a list of Montana members. We just received the
>response. The National Secretary refused to give Terry the list, saying
>he hadn't heard of any activity by the Montana Federation and didn't (in
>essence) consider it to exist. The curious thing about this is that Terry
>receives mail from other Federations, and in fact from Wheaton itself,
>addressed to him in his role of Montana Federation President.

Very interesting.

Did at any time in the past, any responsible officer from Wheaton write or
call any Lodge President/Secretary, Federation President/Secretary to find
out why there is a drop in the activity and inquire if there is something
that Wheaton could help, (not necessarily monetary handout)?

Did any responsible officer from Wheaton try to find out what you guys are
trying to do to improve activities in Montana?

When was it that any National Officer last visited Montana in connection
with TS matters?

When I do not hear from my friends relatives or customers/clients, I usually
try to contact them and find out what is going on and if there is some way I
can offer help or assistance or advise? Usually, there is always some reason
or circumstance that I am able to provide some feedback or advise or
assistance. I am just using a novice's common sense and trying to learn what
is going on.



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