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Re: The LCC

Feb 01, 1997 05:15 PM
by Drpsionic


>Is that why you came?  For a big hoot or the big spread afterwards?

Nothing quite so practical.  The new Bishop was, and is, a friend (which is
why I'm leaving his name out of this like you are) so laughing during the
rite was out of the question.  And so we all went to wish him well no matter
how absurd it appeared to one with my liberal protestant upbringing.

Of course, you know the first thing they teach us in writer's school is never
to turn down a free meal.

>Why didn't you run up and give them a shove?  Glad you never saw me
up there in my floatly white outfit.

I was rather hoping they would fall over on their own.  And what were you
doing up there?  Were you the one who poured too much oil on his head?

Chuck the Heretic


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