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Re: The LCC

Feb 02, 1997 06:16 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From:
> Ann,
> >Is that why you came?  For a big hoot or the big spread afterwards?
> Of course, you know the first thing they teach us in writer's school is never
> to turn down a free meal.

Even if it's vegetarian?
> >Why didn't you run up and give them a shove?  Glad you never saw me
> up there in my floatly white outfit.
> I was rather hoping they would fall over on their own.  And what were you
> doing up there?  Were you the one who poured too much oil on his head?

Yeah, I dumped a whole gallon of canola on him and then polished his
head with a chamois till it shone like new car chrome.
Seriously, I had a backstage pass and was taking pictures from the wings.
I've temporarily retired from the LCC clergy to become a pew sitter.


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