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Re: The Big Three

Feb 01, 1997 05:08 PM
by Drpsionic

You really have to look at the old Aday Theosophists, especially the ones
from the early 1920's to learn how them folks thought back then.

In reality it was much simpler.  Leadbeater wanted to be a Bishop so he and
his cronie Wedgewood (who ordained him in 1916) took over the LCC from it's
founders and infected it with Theosophy--along with giving them excuses to
cross-dress and fondle the choir-boys. (That's why they left the word
Catholic in, no doubt.)

Annie, being a Victorian, Middle Class gentlewoman in spite of some her wild
youthful behavior and numerous love affairs, grabbed onto anything that would
give her title of some sort and CoMasonry suited her just fine in that

Now, they couldn't come out a say all that because they had to spiritualize
EVERYTHING, and after much thrashing around and trying to keep George
Arundale out of bed with Oskar Kollerstrom because it was making Wedgewood
jealous, to say nothing of shocking poor old Bishop Leadbeater because Oskar
was an adult, they sort of came up with system you described.

It is, of course, utter nonsense.  All three organizations stand on their own
merits with out the sort of gobbldygook that was written back then.  But then
just about everything that came out of that period was silliness pure and

Chuck the Heretic


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