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Re: The Big Three

Feb 01, 1997 04:29 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 06:48 PM 2/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
>> From: M K Ramadoss <>
>> 7. I do not hold any office in TS, LCC, Masonic etc.
>The question I have is why are these three particular groups to be
>joined?  Is there something special about each one that contributes to
>the growth of the joiner?  Does the TS contribute to the mental body,
>the LCC to the emotonal and the Co-Masonic to the physical?  Or
>was it just that these were the organizations formed at the early
>part of the century in the USA?
>I'm reading now that there was the Order of the Star in the East
>and everyone in it was wearing star badges till Krishnamurti disbanded

   At some point in the early part of the century Besant got interested in
Co-M and then under her enthusiasm and drive lodges were started whereever
TS Lodges were there. Again this was, I think, in preparation for the coming
of the World Teacher. As for LCC, I need to do some research. I think again
in preparation with the coming of the World Teacher, someone AB (???), CWL
(???), must have thought that the World Teacher would repeat the model that
He adopted 2000 years ago when He came in Palestine. Even after JK disbanded
OSE, TS is clining on to these.

 From a political standpoint, these do help the TS leaders at the time of
elections of officers at various levels because it given them (a) another
channel of contact and (b) with everyone in each trying to move upwards with
higher titles etc., there is an inbuilt inducement to the members to listen
to the the leaders who have the power to deny advancement to anyone whom
they don't want to advance.

 Wood describes about OSE and the star everyone was wearing. I think the
only person who may not have been wearing was JK.

 I wish I grew up at the time all these things took place so that I could
have seen all these first hand. But again I may have been swept by the mass
hysteria that went on then.



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