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Re: Pope of the LCC

Feb 01, 1997 04:36 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 06:35 PM 2/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
>> From: M K Ramadoss <>
>> >(Ann's head falls her desk)  I vividly remember being at a clergy meeting
>> >way back around 1980-81 when J. Schwartz broke off from the church.  The
>> >clergy were so upset they didn't talk about anything else for the rest
of the
>> >meeting.
>> >
>> >This is truly high soap opera in a three ring circus.
>> >
>> >-AEB
>> Ann:
>> Since I have not kept up with LCC, what was it that broke the camel's back?
>It's been so long that my memory is fuzzy, but I think it had something to do
>with J. Schwartz aspiring to the priesthood faster than his superior would
>allow.  There was some difficulty between them and Johnny split.

  Very interesting and glad to see his boldness and the action taken.

>>Ann: Do you know if LCC allows women to hold the offices all the way up to
>>the *Pope*?
>This was covered in another post.  There is no title of Pope, but Presiding
>Bishop.   No women are ordained to holy orders, but are permitted to be
>servers or deaconesses at the altar.

  With my understanding of one ascpect of the first object of TS -- which is
no discrimination on the basis of sex, it would be impossible to reconcile
myself with any organization which excludes women from holding the highest
office. Who can say a woman is not fit to hold any office anywhere? It is
sheer hypocracy for a T/theosophist to even participate in any organization
which discriminates in any manner.

>As for the administration of the church by the vestry, the offices of the
>President, Vice President and Treasurer have all been held by men and/or
>clergy for as long as I have been in the church.  The post of Secretary, who
>writes the minutes of the meetings, has always been held by a woman.
>Regular vestry members can be either sex.
>Why, Doss?  Do you want to file a discrimination suit? : -)))
  Not necessary. See above comments.

>Personally, I have no desire to be ordained in the LCC.
>It's whole focus and service is so patriarchial that I would have nothing
>to identify with.  If they ever do change their system, it would be a
>massive shake-up that might tear apart the church.  As far as I'm
>concerned, it's in the hands of the Bishops when they gather for a

  I totally agree with you. One of these days, someone may start Co-LCC. Why



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