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Re: How Would You Handle It?

Dec 31, 1996 02:08 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 03:50 PM 12/31/96 -0500, you wrote:
>> From: M K Ramadoss <>
>>           Glad you posted the msg. I am *not* saying it is happening now.
>>           It can happen at a future date.
>>           I should have been more clear on this.
>>           As for spouses traveling with lecturers, we have had lecturers
>> whose spouses accompanied them.
>Yes, abuses are possible in any organization.  I'd just thought I'd add my
>eyewitness account of the frugality regarding one particular guest
>speaker at Olcott.
>A very Happy New Year to all,

In the past, there have been occasions that I had visiting lecturers stay
with me and I did provide them with transport as well. One time, I was
offered reimbursement of the expenses by the then National Board Director
representing our District and I *declined* it saying I considered it a honor
to have the lecturers as my guest.

What is beyond me is the spouses travelling with lecturers, which appears to
be happening more frequently now.


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