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Theosophy in Iceland

Dec 26, 1996 10:03 PM
by M K Ramadoss

In the current issue of American Theosophist, there is an article "Theosophy
in Iceland" by Einar Adalsteinsson.

Two things caught my attention.

In late 1970s they had 600 members in a population of 250,000.

This is remarkable. I live in a San Antonio which has a million population.
The lodge membership is around 20. Dallas, which has a much larger
population, has perhaps less membership.

The Icelandic Lodges must be doing something right. May be TSA Lodges can
benefit from Icelandic experience.

The second thing which I liked was the closing sentence:

  We can change the world only by changing ourselves.

  I asked myself a question, can I change myself? What kind of change I can
and should make? I am yet to answer the question.


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