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How Would You Handle It?

Dec 26, 1996 09:33 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Let me give you all a practical problem, and tell me how you would
solve it (I will ignore any messages on the topic of how you would NOT
solve it).
	The New York Theosophical Society has property that was bought by
generous donations of past members to promote Theosophy in New York
City, as well as indirectly through the Kern Foundation (who provided
the start-up capital for our Bookshop, which largely supports the
	Some underhanded, well-organized group (perhaps the Scientologists)
realize that, currently, the NYTS has possibly a million dollars or more
(present value) in real property, and only a couple of hundred members.
This group a couple of hundred of their members to join en masse, with
the purpose in mind of voting themselves in during a Presidential
election year, and, with the majority of the Board, transferring all the
TS property to their organization. The Objects of the TS are
sufficiently vague as to keep the taz people happy.

	Now say you were writing the bylaws of the organization. What would you
do to keep something like this from happening?

	Bart Lidofsky

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