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Re: Adam and Lilith and Eve

Dec 30, 1996 05:21 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: Tom Robertson <>
> There is footnote to "night monster," which says "Hebrew: Lilith."
> Lilith _does_ sound like the typical woman!

I had no idea that the myth of Lilith had such a historical and
interesting background.

If there is anyone here interested in Sophia,
take a look at the Societas Gnostica Norvegia website

There is a a new section on the page
called "The Mysteries of Sophia", devoted to the
Gnostic goddess of Wisdom.

In the Article section:
one article entitled
"The Redemption of Sophia", dealing with
the "fallen" aspect of Sophia

A Scriptures section, which has all the
scriptures mentioning Sophia, or dealing with
the concept of Sophia.

and a "Sophia Bibliography"

Happy New Year to All!


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