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Re: Adam and Lilith and Eve

Dec 30, 1996 06:47 PM
by kymsmith

Tom wrote:

>>So far as I know, Lilith is NOT mentioned in Genesis.

That's kinda sorta true, and kinda sorta not true.  Lilith is not mentioned
by name, but in Genesis 1:27-29, God is said to have created "both" male and
female and then commands them to "multiply." Yet, we find, in chapter 2,
Adam alone. God then creates Eve as his "help meet."

Thus, Lilith is said to have been one of the "both," the female, in chapter
one, but had met her fate by chapter two.

For those needing to explain away inconsistencies when taking the Bible
literally, the Genesis passages created fodder for a rather racy story.

>>The story of Lilith as Adam's first wife is a recent (i.e., medieval
>>Talmudic) invention.

The origin of the Lilith legend seems a point of debate.  There are those
who claim that the myth does not appear in the Midrash, the writings I had
heard it was found in.

>Lilith _does_ sound like the typical woman!

Does she now!  Well, on behalf of typical women everywhere - thank you!


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