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Re: Adam and Lilith and Eve

Dec 30, 1996 02:41 PM
by Tom Robertson

On Mon, 30 Dec 96 02:27:17 +0000, wrote:

>April asks:
>>Who is Lilith?
>Rusty as I am on the Lilith legend, here it is in a nutshell:
>The word Lilith is mentioned once, I think, in the Bible.  It's in Isaiah
>and, according to the KJV (King James Version) is means "screech owl."
>Lilith, the woman, is a legend which is said to appear in the Midrash
>(interpretations and commentaries by Jewish teachers on the Torah and >Five Scrolls).

Always on the lookout for any information which might further the feminist
agenda, I asked about Lilith in the newsgroup alt.vampyres, where the
legend is discussed, and I received the following response:

>Try Isaiah 34:14.  If using a direct Hebrew translation, it might
>mention Lilith by name.  If using a Greek/Latin/Christian translation,
>the name 'lilith' will most likely be translated as the the 'night
>hag' or 'night owl'.

>So far as I know, Lilith is NOT mentioned in Genesis.

>The story of Lilith as Adam's first wife is a recent (i.e., medieval
>Talmudic) invention.

>For more info about Lilith (based on references, NOT on heresay),

Isaiah 34:14, in "The New American Standard Bible," is as follows:

>And the desert creatures shall meet with the wolves,
>The hairy goat also shall cry to its kind;
>Yes, the night monster shall settle there
>And shall find herself a resting place.

There is footnote to "night monster," which says "Hebrew: Lilith."

Lilith _does_ sound like the typical woman!

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