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What Aunt Betty heard

Dec 30, 1996 01:14 AM
by Mark Kusek

Tom wrote:

>When she said this, I, as a good Theosophist who believes that there is no
>religion higher than truth, remind her that, since the only difference
>between how different I am from the individual whom she knew as Tom and how
>different I am from anyone else, now, before, or after, is one of degree,
>my still going by the same name is only appropriate to reflect the greater
>approximation that I am now to the individual whom she knew as Tom than to
>individuals whom she knows by different names, which is due only to how
>slowly individuals change compared to how different they are from each
>other at any given time.  I go on to explain to her that individuality is a
>temporary illusion, just like every other form.  Actually, this has
>happened only once with her, since, for some reason, she has never said the
>same thing to me, which is unfortunate because I enjoy explaining it to
>people.  Come to think of it, no one has ever greeted me in this way after
>I have explained this to them.  I guess some people just can't handle the

Thanks for clearing that up.

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