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Law of Karma?

Dec 30, 1996 08:16 PM
by Michael

I appreciate the views of various contributors on the theme of Karma, but I
am not satisfied.

In my opinion one can only address this subject if one is prepared to drop
all emotional attachment to Theosophical dogma on this subject.

Karma is described by HPB in the Key as:
"We believe firmly in the Law of Retribution, and in the absolute justice
and wisdom guiding the Law, or Karma."

True Theosophy, as formulated at the foundation, is IMHO not a reiteration
of thousands of years of speculation on subjects that go far beyond the
scope of the present state of the human mind, but an endaevour to look at
issues free of  pre-conceived opinions.

Theorizing gains in validity the more  it rests on observations.
We talk about responsibility of an individual for his behaviour. However,
a person is the product of family genes, environment, fate etc. Aren't these
haphazard circumstances of birth also a form of injustice ?
We can sugercoat this pill by consoling ourselves by inventing the  above
formulated "law" of  Karma and the concept of reincarnation.
But should the law of parsinomy: Occam's razor, not be given consideration?
Especially so, as we have little or no proof that being born under a
particular set of circumstances is a result of a past life.

One may wonder about the past lives of identical twins. Would those have
been identical too? Latest research amongst identical twins separated at
birth and raised in different families, shows that to a striking extent
personality traits develop independent of surroundings or (foster) parents.
(One of the few preferences that differ are the choice of partners in
marriage) and are therefore solely hereditary.

Another consideration is that the individual has apparently so little free
choice. To be firm and try to correct one's faults may not be a merit at all
but an inherited family character trait. A weakling may be the victim of a
congenital defect.  All this is supposed to be straightened out in the long
run? But to whom justice is being done? To that temporary personality built
up on the basis of coincidental circumstances who will fade out in time? To
the Higher Self?

One thing we can observe is that  in nature survival of the fittest results
in cruelty. There is awfully little consideration to the individual being,
be it that an animal is shielded from having the notion of lamenting to a
higher authority.
It may be that our fate is the same roulette. Having bad luck in one life
and good luck or not in another, but certainly not retribution.

There may be  other far more important circumstances acting on one's life.
One of them is that of state of being, or in obsolete terms, one's
vibration. One's state of mind make one attuned to similar minds. This may
be a far more valid universal rule than that of an earth-like justice, or
retribution. One's particular state of mind rules one's destiny and possibly
one's reincarnation. In fact we may be attuned now to minds that are in the
same state of "vibration".

There may be other influences that act upon one's life, but there is no
Karma in the traditional manner. The dogma of Karma  is only blocking our
view.  It is a useful, yet worthless piece of consolation for people who
cannot accept life as it is.

If one gives credence to spiritualistic communications (and sadly hard-core
Theosophists don't) souls in the hereafter consider their earthly lives as a
closed book. Bad experiences are considered opportunities to improve one's
level of being. In such a view there is no thought for retribution since
genetic influences dictate most of one's behaviour anyhow (or should the
ancestry be held responsible for passing on a particular genetic code?).

Accidental circumstances may have their merits, however seemingly unjust. In
fact it is the backbone of evolution.
Is there any form of cosmic justice, or is the hankering for it a reflection
of our unsuccesful search for justice in human society?

My apologies for all ill-considered contributions in 1996.
It is merely a product of my genetic make-up.

With all best wishes for health and well-being in the coming year! Looking
forward to your food for thought in the coming year.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

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