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Re: higher egos and lost souls

Dec 27, 1996 05:37 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: Mark Kusek <>
> The "higher-self" is refered to as being "the individual" and as acting
> on and somewhat through "the personality", which is said to be the
> temporary and conditionally invested part of it, entangled with matter
> of the lower mental and astral types. The formation of a personal human
> ego is both the reason for human incarnate experience and the source of
> the problem.
> In the life of an ordinary human being, the personality is
> quasi-autonomous, and apparently separate from it's inner parent by a
> gap in consciousness between lower and higher manas. A person can live
> "cradle to grave" and consciously know little more of their higher Ego
> than faint impulses and stirrings, usually through the heart (the seat
> in man of higher triad), though they are founded on it and it's life and
> power manifest as the nucleus of their being.

I see this same process occurring in writing fiction.  I write a
that will fit my general storyline, as I want something to be worked out or
learned from that story.  The seed of the characters are planted in my
imagination, but as time goes on they become autonomous, as most
wrtiers will tell you.  They start tapping you on the shoulder and saying,
"Hey, psst, writer!  We want to live.  Get busy at that keyboard."  Then
the stories flow according to what they tell me intuitively.  I have
them and now they tell me which way they are going.  In certain places,
the soul energy/writer comes through and they are thinking some higher
thought or moving in a different direction, because at some point we
have made contact.

> (Re: don't look for the higher ego in your head, look for it in your
> heart.)
> If an interior effort is made to give allegiance to the higher self,
> surrender the personality to it and live so as to become more and more
> "it's presence in action where you are", then by law of invitation it
> can descend into human psychology, acting in the lower planes through
> the instument of man. How much so, for how long, and in what way depends
> on the quality of personal character, the constancy of the sacrifice,
> and what of the higher life it has made itself able to receive.
> This is the reconciliation of heart and head (seat of the lower
> personality), experienced as a conscious renewal or "rebirth."
> Love is said to be the key. Knowledge alone is less desirable.
I love the way you say this.
The relationship between the higher self (soul) and the personality is
a powerful love relationship.  It seems that all the other love
in one's life are only preparation for this.
> The teaching on the subject, as I remember it, is that when a final,
> terminal split occurs, the constituent parts of the lower personal
> vehicles, along with whatever causal matter breaks away with them,
> eventually dissipate and return to the common pool of elements, much
> like the dissolution of lower vehicles in the normal course of events
> post-mortem.

I'd never heard this before - where did it come from?
> The important distinction to make in all of this is between the higher
> Ego and the personality. More to the point, it is the important
> connection to make.

In my terminology, I am assumming that the higher Ego is also
called the Soul.  Since I come from a background of over 20 years of
Alice Bailey, that is the term used.


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