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Re: Merry Xmas to Theos-l

Dec 27, 1996 05:53 PM
by JRC

On Fri, 27 Dec 1996 wrote:

> John,
> If you should disappear from the list for a while we'll send the dog sleds
> for you.
> Chuck the Heretic

Knowing my friends, they'd use the sleds for kindling and cook the dogs.
But the dinner would be a nice gesture (-:). Just found out five minutes
ago that our plans have changed ... we have to go to a location other than
the one we were planning, `cause an avalanche just dumped 15 feet of snow
on the interstate west of Missoula and the Highway Patrol has set up
roadblocks and isn't letting anyone pass. My friend and one of the women
going with us think the HumVee could make it through (or over or
around) the avalanche (anyone who thinks men can dominate women hasn't met
Montana women - they can stare down bears and not even have an elevated
heartbeat afterwards), but the rest of us pointed out that we probably
don't have enough rounds of ammunition to get through the police
roadblocks ... so we decided to go north instead of west.

				         Toodles, -JRC, UniTheosophist

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