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Re: T-bonics

Dec 26, 1996 06:49 AM
by Tom Robertson

At 09:21 PM 12/25/96 +0000, wrote:

>Tom wrote:

>>At 04:55 AM 12/25/96 +0000, wrote:

>>>Tom Robertson writes:

>>>>The final, official definition of Theosophy is "the dogmatic
>>>>creed that says that a spirit of brotherhood is the ideal."


>>I have rarely seen such a profound demonstration of "the voice of the
>>silence."  To show her complete acquiescence in my final definition of
>>"Theosophy" simply by not saying anything is a stroke of genius on Kym's

>Your shot over my bow has not gone unnoticed; along with your admittedly
>artful catch of my technical erratum

I find this to be very disappointing.  Here I thought I had discovered a
ground-breaking advance in human ingenuity, and you are saying it was mere
"technical erratum," whatever that is.

>- you were also clever enough to do it where it would appear on a day when
retribution >is supposed to be at its ebb.  I'm impressed.

My timing _was_ impeccable, wasn't it.  I have been planning this for months.

>However, being the refined and gentle woman I am,

My keen intuition tells me that you and I have slightly different
definitions of the words "refined" and "gentle."

>I must warn you that when these 'goodwill toward MEN' days have passed

You feminists should quit while you are ahead.  Men always treat women like
queens.  Will you not be satisfied until all "goodwill towards MEN" days are

>- I plan on morphing back into the decorum of Scorpio.

That you and I are both Scorpios convinces me once and for all that there is
no validity to astrology.

>And I am sure you will again venture into hazardous territory.

With you around, I am sure I could not find unhazardous territory.

>So I can only say. . .be afraid, be very afraid.

There is nothing you could do to me that I haven't enjoyed having others do
even more of.

>Yet, somehow, Tom R., I still wish you a Merry Christmas - imagine that.

You can now truthfully say that you can forgive anyone for anything.



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