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Re: T-bonics

Dec 25, 1996 01:14 PM
by kymsmith

Tom wrote:

>At 04:55 AM 12/25/96 +0000, wrote:
>>Tom Robertson writes:
>>>The final, official definition of Theosophy is "the dogmatic
>>>creed that says that a spirit of brotherhood is the ideal."
>I have rarely seen such a profound demonstration of "the voice of the
>silence."  To show her complete acquiescence in my final definition of
>"Theosophy" simply by not saying anything is a stroke of genius on Kym's part.

Your shot over my bow has not gone unnoticed; along with your admittedly
artful catch of my technical erratum - you were also clever enough to do it
where it would appear on a day when retribution is supposed to be at its
ebb.  I'm impressed.

However, being the refined and gentle woman I am, I must warn you that when
these 'goodwill toward MEN' days have passed - I plan on morphing back into
the decorum of Scorpio.  And I am sure you will again venture into hazardous
territory. So I can only say. . .be afraid, be very afraid.

Yet, somehow, Tom R., I still wish you a Merry Christmas - imagine that.



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