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Re: Merry Xmas to Theos-l

Dec 26, 1996 05:36 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: JRC <>
> 	Many more miles to the west, I just woke up here in western
> Montana - to around 5 feet of snow ... no part of the car parked in front
> of my house is visible, it just looks like the bottom ball of a *really*
> big snowman. My next door neighbor just walked past my house towards the
> store - in her snowshoes. By god its gonna be a *fun* Christmas (-:).
Yes, and it was real riot driving home from my relative's house on the
night of Christmas Day with a few inches of the white stuff already down
and single digit temperatures. I was gripping the wheel and taking a deep
at every stop sign and light.  The two suburbs I had to drive through
had no plows or salting.  Guess they thought we'd just tough it out or
stay home.  Once I crossed the border line of Chicago, I breathed a
sigh of relief.  The streets were clear and salty.  One of da Mayor's
finest Street and Sanitation trucks even passed me by.

Five feet of snow?  If I stood on the ground, there'd only three inches
off the top my head in plain view. : -)

This post is also a test.  Have those @#$%&* robots kicked me off this list


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