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Re: Left and Right and Vanguards

Dec 19, 1996 05:01 AM
by John Straughn

Bart Lidofsky writes:
> wrote:
>	Communism starts out with an excellent but flawed premise. The basic
>belief of communism is that everybody works as hard as they can, and
>everybody gets everything they need. There are a number of cases where
>communism has worked out, in some cases (such as some Roman Catholic
>monastic orders) for centuries. But Communism begins to fall apart as
>soon as one person says, "That person isn't working as hard as s/he
>can!" or "That person is getting more than s/he needs!". At that point a
>new job is created: Somebody who ensures that everybody is working as
>hard as they can and everybody gets what they need. And, of course, if
>you get on that person's bad side, suddenly you are getting more than
>you need and not working as hard as you can. And thus, Communism fails.
>	Bart Lidofsky
It is true that Communism is a flawed system, but in true communism, your
above example (although hinting at the major flaw of heirarchy and prestige)
can be easily disregarded.  If the person who judged these people in this way
relied solely upon them for his/her own welfare, he would not be so quick to
"abolish" them.  Just my $.02.

Basically, with both socialism and communism, the flaw is the fact that there
is a government, and if it didn't have a government, it would be anarchy,
which is a flaw in itself.  Catch 22.

The Triaist

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