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Re: Left and Right and Vanguards

Dec 18, 1996 07:55 PM
by Bart Lidofsky wrote:
> Tom wrote:
> >I am not aware of the difference between communism and the left wing.
> The goal of communism is a "classless state."  The goal of the left wing,
> here in America, is to try and ensure that all people have food, clothing,
> medical care - you know, those pesky things.  The left wing does not espouse
> a classless society.  And yes, the left wing does believe that the
> government is responsible for ensuring the "welfare" (gasp) of its citizens.

	Communism starts out with an excellent but flawed premise. The basic
belief of communism is that everybody works as hard as they can, and
everybody gets everything they need. There are a number of cases where
communism has worked out, in some cases (such as some Roman Catholic
monastic orders) for centuries. But Communism begins to fall apart as
soon as one person says, "That person isn't working as hard as s/he
can!" or "That person is getting more than s/he needs!". At that point a
new job is created: Somebody who ensures that everybody is working as
hard as they can and everybody gets what they need. And, of course, if
you get on that person's bad side, suddenly you are getting more than
you need and not working as hard as you can. And thus, Communism fails.

	Bart Lidofsky

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