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Re: Left and Right and Vanguards

Dec 18, 1996 09:58 AM
by kymsmith

Tom wrote:

>I am not aware of the difference between communism and the left wing.

The goal of communism is a "classless state."  The goal of the left wing,
here in America, is to try and ensure that all people have food, clothing,
medical care - you know, those pesky things.  The left wing does not espouse
a classless society.  And yes, the left wing does believe that the
government is responsible for ensuring the "welfare" (gasp) of its citizens.

>If the right really believes this, they have kept it a secret from me.
>Their whole argument against big government is based on the idea that people
>can rule themselves better than a government bureaucracy can.

Be not fooled!  The Right wants government in your bedroom, in your
classroom, and in your womb.  And by the way, the state and local
governments employ three times as many people (read bureaucrats) as the
federal government. (at least last time I checked)

>The left believes in government control.  I do not understand how that
>translates into believing in freedom for all.  If the right does not believe
>in freedom, they have pulled the wool over _my_ eyes.

I didn't say the right didn't believe in freedom - the right just believes
in freedom for a select few.  Funny, I haven't seen the right rally for the
freedom and individual rights of say, women? minorities? homosexuals?
children? elderly? mentally ill? handicapped? But I sure have seen them
squawk and squeek about how the members of the Fortune 500 are having their
rights violated. Oh, please.

>Conservatives believe that individuals should be free to choose which
>culture they live in.  The left wants to force everyone to live in a melting
>pot whether they like it or not.

Excuse me, but didn't a law pass declaring English as the only official
language, and that speaking any other language in a workplace is grounds for
dismissal?  Dole downright glowed when he spoke of that in speeches, even
managed to complete a few sentences while doing so. Talk about forcing
everyone to live "in a melting pot."  Lefties call the melting pot a "salad
bowl" recognizing that people have different lifestyles, but that it can
certainly be compatible, nay, enhance living in America.

>You probably consider Rush Limbaugh to be a lefty.

I consider Rush Limbaugh to be a demented lollipop with a windy bottom to
boot. 'Nuff about him.

>I have heard that Libertarianism is considered left wing everywhere except
>in the United States.  Might this be an example of what you are referring to?

Although I admire the Libertarians stance on civil rights - I am disturbed
about some of their other beliefs such as: hospital emergency rooms
shouldn't be required to treat anyone who can't pay or that requiring
doctors to get medical licenses is a violation of free enterprise.  (their
platform is on the Net)

>>Clever attempt at trying to weave the 'divine wisdom' into something to back
>>up your claims.  However, the bloopers are abundant.
>They went right by me.

Well, sink me!  Never would have dreamed.  Kumbuya, Tom, Kumbuya. . .


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