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to Tom Robertson

Dec 18, 1996 11:17 AM
by April Joy

#766 - Tom Robertson wrote:

April Joy wrote:

>>At what point in my initial reply to you did I say women were superior?
.>>I do not believe either gender is superior.

>>Which 23 criticisms of women do you have?

Why would I need to give 23 criticisms of women, when I was answering
your criticisms of them to begin with? You called women irrational, then
I gave examples of irrational acts by men.  Which upsets you the most,
that someone dared to answer your criticisms with criticisms or that a
woman answered you in a logical manner?

Through the posts that I have read you have consistently stated that men
are superior than women due to irrationality, emotionalism, and physcial
weakness. Then you say they are equal whenever anyone states those
remarks are sexist. To be equal doesn't equate to superior.

Superior = Having more value, or importance. One higher in quality or
Equal =  Having the same value, or quality.
Sexism/Sexist = prejudice or discrimination based on sex.

To believe that men are superior to women means you do not believe they
are equal. Which means you do not believe in equality of the sexs, which
is sexist.

Women are neither superior or inferior to men. We are equal. We are both
capable of doing the same jobs. What differences there are means that
women, men and just different types of people, will arrive at a solution
for a problem from a different angle but  will find the solution just
the same. Each person in society has different ways of handling various
situations that doesn't make one more superior to the other.

Where society, laws, jobs, home, religion are concerned women rights is
still in its infancy. Women still have a long way to go to have the same
rights that men have. Just the fact that you Tom believe that old myth
that "women like to be dominated" shows how far women's rights has to go
before all men dump their sterotypes of women and treat us as equals.

Just three years ago I lost a job because a man thought the way you do.
I was good at my job, I had received many company commendations for my
work. But when I got a new manager who bluntly stated that "you should
be a secretary, this is a man's job", I quickly lost my job. He
deliberately undermined all my work. I created computer presentations
for the company. He would turn in my drafts as complete work. Then he
would tell the higher ups that the work I was turning in was low
quality. I didn't loose my job because I was incompetent, I lost my job
because a sexist male delibrately sabatoged my work.

I lost two jobs because my bosses wanted sex on the side and I refused.

I lost another job because I had a baby and the boss thought it would
interfer with my work.

Tom, have you ever lost a job because you wouldn't put out?  Have you
ever been asked to put out in order to keep a job or get a promotion?

If you have children, did you ever loose or not get a job because the
company felt it would interfer with your work?

Have you ever gone for an interview where the interviewer made remarks
about your boby and hinted or stated they wanted your body?

Have you ever gone to an interview where the person hinted or stated
they would prefer somenone of the opposite sex in the position that was

Have you ever gone to a doctor's office and been groped by the doctor?

Have you ever waited at a bus stop only to get 1 to 10 offers of money
for sex?

These are just a few of the problems that women face every day due to a
belief that women are inferior so it doesn't matter how you treat them.
Women need to stand up to people like you Tom who are deteremined to
keep those stereotypes alive. For women suffer in the home, work, and in
almost all areas of life because of those beliefs.

April Joy

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