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Crimes of the Left

Dec 15, 1996 11:54 PM
by kymsmith

Tom wrote:

>I have already tangled with Alexis in a newsgroup, and for much more
>innocuous statements than I have made on this list, which he did not begin
>to understand, he was far more insulting to me than anyone has been here,
>calling me, among many other gems, "a blithering idiot."

Shocking!  Well, you can rest easy here, Tom.  Theos-l runs a tight ship,
you'll see none of that low-down, filthy terminology used here.  Should one
step out of line, worry not, the others will restore him/her to their proper
place quick as a lick.  The mellifluent manner is the hallmark of theos-l.

>It also does not surprise me to hear that his politics is of the far left.
>Those who believe in extreme egalitarianism are notorious for how they
regard >those who dare to make comparisons as inferior.

As a member of the "far left" let me apologize for a fellow (!) "lefty."  We
"lefties" are having a hard enough time as it is - we being so rude, mouthy,
and egalitarian.  We needn't make any more "enemies."  Why, we are now only
16% of the population. . .so see, Tom, for you and others of your political
persuasion, life has never been better.

I say, enjoy it while you can. . .(tee hee)


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