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Re: Crimes of the Left

Dec 16, 1996 02:10 AM
by Tom Robertson

At 07:56 AM 12/16/96 +0000, wrote:

>Tom wrote:

>>I have already tangled with Alexis in a newsgroup, and for much more
>>innocuous statements than I have made on this list, which he did not begin
>>to understand, he was far more insulting to me than anyone has been here,
>>calling me, among many other gems, "a blithering idiot."


Especially since you so strongly disagree with it, huh?

>Well, you can rest easy here, Tom.  Theos-l runs a tight ship,
>you'll see none of that low-down, filthy terminology used here.  Should one
>step out of line, worry not, the others will restore him/her to their proper
>place quick as a lick.  The mellifluent manner is the hallmark of theos-l.

I had never even come close to hearing the word "mellifluent" before, but,
once I looked it up, its appropriateness was, of course, obvious.  It _is_
nice to feel so safe and secure here.

>We "lefties" are having a hard enough time as it is - we being so rude, mouthy,
>and egalitarian.  We needn't make any more "enemies."  Why, we are now only
>16% of the population. . .so see, Tom, for you and others of your political
>persuasion, life has never been better.
>I say, enjoy it while you can. . .(tee hee)

As far as I know, the United States is the least taxed country, and yet,
even here, total taxes take more than half of the average income.
Individualism is drowning in a sea of bureaucracy, so I think I understand
what the "tee hee" behind my back is all about.  What amazes me is that most
Theosophists whom I know personally also lean left.  I would think that a
philosophy which so heavily emphasizes individual growth and independence
from authority would attract more righties than lefties.

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