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Re: Sexism

Dec 13, 1996 04:51 AM
by John Straughn

Ann E. Bermingham writes:
>This is changing.  There was an article I found the Sunday Sun-Times a few
>ago that says that men are entering fields that were traditionally thought
>to be for
>women.  It has to do with the tighter job market and the fact that some men
>beginning to feel that they are better suited for those jobs.  For example,
>men are
>now training to become nurses.

Very true.  In fact, just recently, I was hired for the summer at a bank.
Unfortunately, I later found out, (actually I knew all along), that I got the
job simply because a girl-friend of mine worked there and had a lot of

>I just see this as another indication that the Aquarian ideals of equality
>are slowly being
>put into action.
>> Most men are pigs, I won't deny that.
>But their curly tales are so cute.

hehehe.  We squeak nicely if you pull them too.

>>A male CEO will usually want a good-looking female secretary to
>> work for him.  This is true.  This is what proves my point.  A female CEO
>> refuse to hire a male secretary because she feels that she would be
>> the rise of women in the job market if she did so.  Damn, I'm stuck.
>Do you have the statistics to back this up?  Personally, I'd love to have
>a nice young guy for my secretary. ;-)
>-Ann E. Bermingham
No.  No statistics, but I'll find them.  They're out there somewhere.  BTW,
where do I put in my application?  *Big, cheesy grin*
The Triaist

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