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Re: Who's on top?

Dec 13, 1996 04:45 AM
by John Straughn

Ann E. Bermingham writes:
>Well, things are tough all over, aren't they?
>Seriously, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  This morning when I woke
>up to the
>clock radio they were discussing how many children in rich and poor
>are being subjected to child labor.  They were also urging Christmas
>to look for "Made in the USA" tags, to try to get people to stop buying
>from other countries that are using child labor.
>Men, women, children, animals, the environment.  You name it, it's being
>because people are walking around in their own disturbed little worlds and
>can't get out
>of the revolving doors of their own psychological problems.  Power, greed,
>selfishness, fear, hate, etc. is robbing all of us of the loving support we
>need to make a go of it on the physical plane.
>No one is in this alone - it just may feel like it at times.
>-Ann E. Bermingham

Exactly.  This was the point I was trying to make a long time ago when I was
attacking sexism in general with the defense of "deny the selfish ego".
Nobody seemed to understand me, so I decided to take a different turn and
"fight fire with fire".  Perhaps by helping others to understand that the
problems they face are not only their problems, and that there are many others
out there, they will ...broaden their horizons.

I don't know.  Perhaps there is another approach which I haven't thought of
yet.  For now, however, I will remain on the sexism subject, for it seems very
important to the people (besides TS heirarchy(sp?)) who post on the ng.

={P>- (Exhausted, confused old man with a mustache and beard.)
The Triaist

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