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The Feminist Agenda

Dec 13, 1996 01:01 AM
by kymsmith

Tom wrote:

> That is a conclusion you jumped to,
>probably aided by the feminist agenda on this list which seeks to portray
>anyone who says that men are superior to women in any way as sexist, without
>sufficiently carefully reading what I wrote.

There is no "feminist agenda."  You've been taken to task for some of your
outrageous statements - we all have, Tom.  Just because a vocal few on this
list do not like what you have to say does not mean it's some grand
conspiracy or agenda. I personally abhor most of what you say. . .and I,
unlike some others, think you know exactly what you're saying and how you're
saying it.  You write skillfully and effectively.  Your ability to ridicule
the person you are responding/writing to is surpassed only by your ability
to camouflage it in the most circular of arguments.

Kudos to you, Tom - I've not seen anybody so defended as you on theos-l or
asked to stay on the list in such sweet terminology.  I've seen people
chased off this list for "lesser crimes." You obviously have some redeeming
quality I'm failing to recognize. . .


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