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Re: Sexism

Dec 13, 1996 05:08 AM
by John Straughn

Alan writes:
   I write:
>>I think that it all depends on what the primary goal is.  Does
>>understanding come before judging or does judging come before
>>understanding.  Or should judging even come into play?
>>Just a thought.:)
>>The Triaist
>Tom, you, everyone on this and all of the lists are members of the
>universal human family mentioned in the TI statement of intent.  That is
>a common bond shared by all human beings.  However, not all human beings
>are my friends, and I am not a friend to all human beings.  Some I know
>for certain are my enemies, although still members of the same human
>family.  Judging comes into everything in this life somewhere or
>another, even if it's only which brand of a product to buy.
>I do not see any reason to relate understanding and judging together as
>if they were inevitably connected - seems an odd idea to me.

Why should it seem odd?  If one judges someone, without an understanding of
their veiws, how can it be a "fair" judgement?  Without an understanding, most
of the judgement one makes is based on assumptions rather than facts.
Therefore, it seems to me, that without understanding, the judgement made has
no "backup" and is based solely on the judge's ideas.

Using your example, when you buy a product, and you buy one because of a big
bright sign that says "Buy me, I'm better than so-and-so", you are not
necessarily buying a product that is better than so-and-so.  You haven't
examined both products to understand them and therefore make a much better
judgement based on the facts.  You've made a hasty judgement based on a pretty
sign.  I'm not sure if this is very clear... ugh.  Let me know what you
understood from my blubbering please. :)

The Triaist

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