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Skillful Email Self-Expression

Dec 12, 1996 10:00 PM
by Dave Kirk (handle unknown) writes:

>As the more-experienced participants in theos-l and other email

>discussion groups discover, there's an art to self-expression in

>this new media.

I'd have to concur with the above.

But, I'm presently in conflict between saying, "Hey, folks, I know you're
having fun clashing intellectual antlers, but I for one think that perhaps
you could be communicating in a more constructive way," and  "Perhaps they
really have a right to express themselves in this way."

I haven't yet resolved this within myself, but there's no doubt that I will.

On any list, there always seems to be a verbally competent few who dominate
the direction and tone of the list, the others participating silently
("lurking" may be too passive a term, here.) This is not necessarily a bad
thing, but it might mean that the responsibility of the list's welfare is
shouldered in good part by the active core, whether they realise it or not.

I'd say that the will or opinion of the silent majority could usefully
assert itsef from time to time, in order to keep a balance.

I find it fun not necessarily to identify completely with the current
threads, but to watch where it's all heading.

And we could ask the question, "Is there a sign that in all this there's a
growing sense of understanding and acceptance of each other?" It may be too
simple a query for some to accept, but c'est la vie.

Finally, I suggest that what's transpiring here seems a microcosm of the
T.S.'s  long-term tendency for intellectual conflict and disparity with
stated principles (!) ... can of worms (?)

Just presenting ideas for your consideration; take or leave...

If flames, mild, please. :-)


- Dave Kirk
  New Zealand

>"Once you turn it off, there are an infinite number of channels
>to choose from."
>	-Another bus voice

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