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Re: Tom Robertson, Theosophist

Dec 12, 1996 09:51 PM
by Drpsionic

I have this helmet on....:)

I think the problem with Tom's ideas is the generalized way he puts them.  My
girlfriend,  for example, certainly wants to be dominated and expects me to
come up with ever more creative ways to do it.  And if one looks at some of
the older writings one can find oodles of material invoking the gods of war.

Now there are some things Tom says that I think are just plain weird, but I
can say that about everyone else in the TS I know.  After all, I have this
friend who says he's a prince among men who has a similar affect on lots of

But I have been watching this exchange with some interest, trying to achieve
as much detachment as possible, but I will confess that last night my blood
pressure hit the roof and I am beginning to think that maybe your little joke
may not be that far from the mark.  If the TS is going to advocate censorship
for any reason and decide which thoughts may or may not be expressed, for ANY
reason, then maybe it is time that it is not for me because I have made a
career out of thinking the unthinkable and saying the unsayable.

I may think that Tom has a case of loose marbles at time, but I will not
hesitate to say something very UNBROTHERLY of anyone who would try to silence
him.  Disagree by all means, but censor, never.

Let them threaten me, if they dare!

Chuck the Heretic

"Let rivers run dry,
Let orchards be barren,
Let the air be as dust
In the dark of the moon."  Charles Cosimano  "Litany Against the Universe"

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