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Re: THEOS-L digest 750

Dec 09, 1996 09:25 AM
by John Straughn

Ann E. Bermingham writes:
>While there have been some women that have had a great deal of
>power, I doubt that the majority of women in recent history have been in
>drivers seat.  But there certainly is something to be said for what you
>said about
>the queen on the chess board.  When you described woman as the manipulator,
>protector and seat of power, I thought of one word - mother!
>Every man that comes into the world has to be under the watch of the
>most powerful woman in his live, his own momma.
>-Ann E. Bermingham

Hey, wow.  I never thought of that.  I love your posts.  It seems that instead
of insulting me and tempting me to close my eyes, you open them up a little
wider even when you don't agree.  Excellent point. :)
The Triaist

There is nothing more satisfying than a post from a true Theosophist.
(Perhaps I will be one someday *shrug*)

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