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Re: Sexism

Dec 09, 1996 09:14 AM
by John Straughn writes:
>Pacifism "only" encourages aggression?  I disagree, I have seen both
>personal and public examples of how pacifism saved one from bodily harm and
>death, lessening the aggressive emotion felt by the would-be perpetrator.
>Having said that, I think there are many cases of "war" being necessary
>(certainly Hitler, among others, needed to be stopped).
>The point of my statement was that too many wars have been started by men
>for emotional reasons cloaked under the guise of logic.  We have seen how
>men do as leaders (some good, some bad), it is time to give the ladies a
>chance - since history has proven that men and women are capable of both
>types of thinking. Bottom line: the rationale for denying women leadership
>roles (public and private) has been proven invalid.
   First of all, I'm not sure where you are from, but in America we vote for
our leaders.  The women over 18 yrs of age outnumber the men in this country.
If the women were voting for women a woman would lead.  Period.  I have voted
for women in public office on several occasions, and have encouraged others to
do so as well.  But I don't vote for a sex, as you have implied that I and
others should do.  If I did, I would be prejudiced, as you have shown yourself
to be above, against men in general.

Perhaps I am ignorant under the guise of intelligence by asking this, but what
is the difference between what you just stated above and someone else saying
that women can't do the job right?  I don't see any.  Perhaps before you start
accusing others of being sexist, (even though i must say that the author of
the article to which you replied most difinitely fits the description.), you
should alleviate the problem within yourself.

>Regarding your statement about philosophical vs. sematic differences, I can
>only say this:  the philosophical thought which claims there is a god by the
>use of reason and evidence alone (design argument) is called deism; the
>philosophical thought that everything is unified and that this unity is
>divine is called pantheism; the philosophical thought that women are
>inferior to men is called sexism; and on we can go.

Not exactly true.  The philosophical thought that one sex is inferior to the
other is called sexism.  Let's not try to confuse everybody now.

The Triaist

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