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Re: Who's on top?

Dec 09, 1996 08:53 AM
by John Straughn

Art House writes:
>The Triaist:
>>Men are pawns.  Men are kings.  Men are bishops.  But the woman, the
>>queen, is the most powerful piece on the board. (obvious allegory).  The
>>womanprotects the man for the man is weak, and may only move one space at a
>>time.The knights, bishops, and pawns aren't there to protect the king, they
>>arethere to make way for the queen.  Make way for the kill.  For ages, the
>>womanhas been considered the manipulator, the protector, the power.  The
>>man issimply the figurehead.  IMHO, of course.
>Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo.  I feel so sorry for you men.  Try growing some
>ovaries, then maybe you can join us women in being the manipulator, the
>protector, and the power.
>TTT S=o)

Case #1
The Triaist

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