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Re: How many Theosophist friends?

Dec 07, 1996 09:28 AM
by RIhle

K. Paul Johnson writes-->
The scary thought was, of all the people who have been really hateful to me
in my adult life, what percentage was Theosophists?  Well over half.  Don't
intend to make any generalizations based on that, since that tiny group is
only about 1% of the Theosophists I've known.  But it again makes me wonder
if this kind of thing is true in the experience of others, and what it

Richard Ihle writes-->
Thought-provoking question, asked in a nice way as usual.

I have wondered about something similar from time to time myself.  Actually,
one of the first times I ran across mention of the organization was in one of
Vivekananda's books (now only vaguely remembered) where he had found himself
himself stranded or something in Chicago on his trip from India to the
Parliment of Religions (?).  Anyway, the part I remember best is that he
asked some local Theosophists for help, and they refused for some mean reason
(like he wasn't a member or something).  Thus, for a long time, one partial
image I had of Theosophists was that many of them would leave you sitting on
the curb in distress if you or your ideas didn't please them 100%. . . .

--But I suppose old Vivekananda should have been grateful for one thing:
  since he had never written anything like THE MASTERS REVEALED, at least the
Theosophists didn't try to kick the crap out of him before they left him
there. . . .


Richard Ihle

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