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Dec 07, 1996 09:15 AM
by Michael

K.Paul Johnson wrote:
>The scary thought was, of all the people who have been really
hateful to me in my adult life, what percentage was
Theosophists?  Well over half.  Don't intend to make any
generalizations based on that, since that tiny group is only
about 1% of the Theosophists I've known.  But it again makes me
wonder if this kind of thing is true in the experience of
others, and what it signifies.

<Any ideas?

Michael's answer:
After I co-authored a manifest to Covina Theosophists in 1958, almost all of
our Theosophist friends turned against us. So I have not been in touch with
them either. Much to my regret actually.
During my stay in the Far East I don't believe I have ever met
Theosophists. At any rate people who dared to admit it. On the other hand I
met  lots of New Age, 4th Way, Zen, Subud,  Vedanta and guru devotees.
My present friends are such a mixed bag that I should hardly dare to invite
them all at the same time to my house, because it would result in a Babylon
of ideas and misunderstandings.
Yet I love them all in their particular ways and approaches to life. Many of
them have no notion of spirituality and it is therefore not brought up in
discussions either.
To be in constant contact with "spiritual" may result in  a closed room  of
stagnancy. Added to that is that so-called spiritual people often, without
being aware of it, have a hell of a lot of trouble keeping their shadow from
coming out behind the veil. Or in other words their cultivation of a
spiritual personality awakens the opposite in them - a vicious one.
I have elaborated on this phenomenon on my page: On the psychological
mechanisms in spiritual movements.(
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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