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sexual slavery

Dec 07, 1996 09:05 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

To repeat what I've written on theos-l several times before, I think what we
should come to is a male god (essence) and a female god (essence) ruling
together. On earth, I think, as does Roberto Assagioli, that instead of
classifying what male traits are and what female traits are, which greatly
overlaps anyway when you start looking at individual people, I think that
every human being should contribute to the common good whatever his/her best
abilties allow him/her to contribute. Some women are good business people
and some men enjoy being house husbands. I used to know a man who was very
nurturing, whether with his prize roses, or his patients. He was also very
gentle, but let me assure you he was unmistakably a man. The work to be
done, whether in society or in a marriage, should be done by whoever enjoys
it most, and if it's not enjoyable, it should be shared.


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