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Dec 06, 1996 08:00 PM
by Tom Robertson (CDGertrude) wrote:

>And isn't the act of war irrational in and of itself?
>Thus, so-called war leaders are obviously "emotionally" driven.
>Otherwise, they would be cold-blooded, calculated killers.
>Gertrude the Pacifistic Churchmouse

This implies that self-defense is evil, that it is better to let injustice
prevail rather than to oppose it, and that competition is not beneficial.  I
see the cycle of war and peace as being based on the same principle as the
cycle of life and death, life and war being the time for  growth, death and
peace being the time for rest.  Competition is necessary for growth.  War is
never motivated by killing, but by the benefits of killing.  All of life
supports itself by killing.

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