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Objective Beauty

Dec 06, 1996 08:00 PM
by Tom Robertson

> From:	Milton L. Dawes, 102362,1465

>And whose definition of "idea", or 'egoist', or  '
>pornography' , or 'truth' , justice, 'beauty' , etc., is the 'right'   one? And
>how do we decide what we mean by  ''right''? As mentioned, there seems to be no
>theoretical  end to these puzzles.

Implied in all of these questions is at least the belief that there is an
objective truth, justice, and beauty.  One extreme is to equate one's own
perception with reality, which is my definition of arrogance, but the other
is to not believe there is any reality to perceive, which is my definition
of insanity.  That "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is only half the
story, the other half being that objective beauty must exist in order to be

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