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Re: How many Theosophist friends?

Dec 07, 1996 10:25 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>>The scary thought was, of all the people who have been really
>>hateful to me in my adult life, what percentage was
>>Theosophists?  Well over half.


Ditto again

>>  Don't intend to make any
>>generalizations based on that, since that tiny group is only
>>about 1% of the Theosophists I've known.  But it again makes me
>>wonder if this kind of thing is true in the experience of
>>others, and what it signifies.

>I think it signifies that the modern Theosophical Society has
>warped and twisted any genuinely "ancient wisdom" into a
>cultish, power-seeking minority of "holier-than-thou" people.
>(Though of course there are some who are not like this).  Sadly,
>your experience and mind has been echoed back to me by other
>EX-TS members.  I shall be letting my own membership lapse when
>subscriptions are due again next year.

Ditto again.  My bad experiences with certain TS members (who
were in power) began when I ran for the National Board (TS,
Wheaton) about ten years ago.  Before that, I got along with
everybody.  I think there is a message here.  Today, most of my
close friends are very dedicated students of Theosophy but are
not members of any Theosophical Organization.  Though I remain a
life member of the TS and support the principles that it is
supposed to stand for, I remain marginalized in the Organization-
-and that is OK with me.

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